Thursday, April 19, 2012

Get Active!

First of all, a question was asked on our most recent Conference Call about Rabies vaccinations.    Here is a more educated response from team member Alicia Wilkins who is in nursing.
"They do have rabies vaccinations for humans that you can get to prevent rabies. But if you don’t plan on messing with animals they don’t recommend getting them because they are painful. These vaccinations are optional, not required. "
So the word on our street is a resounding NO, you don not need Rabies vaccinations.  In the rare event that you fall victim to a bite by a wild animal while in country we will follow with the course of treatments recommended immediately.

Now, onto other health matters.
These trips are grueling physically.  The changes in diet, sitting for long hours on airplanes, operating within less sanitary environments than we're accustomed to at home, are all part of the plan for mission work in rural countries.  Prepare your body now!

Begin to build up your immunity by eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables so your body has healthy vitamins and minerals to draw from.

Be sure you are exercising regularly.  These kids we will be ministering to have endless amounts of energy and they expect us to keep up!  This means lots of cardio!

Long plane rides are no fun on your circulatory system.  Begin a healthy lifestyle of drinking lots of water each day now so that your body is properly hydrated!

Reduce your intake of processed foods and sugars, detox stateside so that you do not go into withdrawals in country including headaches and grumpiness!  :)

Bumpy roads and vehicles without good shocks are the standard mode of transportation in Africa!  Driving will be an adventure all on its own!  Get in a little weight bearing exercise for strong bones and stronger muscles to help your body be shock absorbent.

And finally, a little squatty potty humor ladies.  Tell me what you think.. . . It's good for a laugh, but who's willing to try it?

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